Will Jamie Die Before Claire? 6 ‘Outlander’ Theories About His Death

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Will Jamie Die Before Claire? 6 ‘Outlander’ Theories About His Death

When Outlander author Diana Gabaldon teased that Claire may not survive her upcoming ninth book, she did so in response to saying that Jamie will live. That's because, as she told Outlander executive producer Maril Davis, fans are always concerned Jamie won't survive. But those fears feel very warranted since the books and Starz show has given us many reasons to think Jamie will die first on Outlander.

Jamie has survived plenty of near-death experiences (some people think he already died at the Battle of Culloden), so it's hard to imagine what could do this Highlander in for good. But there have been some clues that Jamie is going to die before Claire in Gabaldon's tenth and final Outlander book. Here's the evidence:

Now, there's a chance that Gabaldon won't end Jamie and Claire's love story with Jamie's death. Instead, his death could just be inferred in the final pages when the author finally explains the presence of Jamie's ghost.

But if you're a believer that we're gonna have to read and see how Jamie goes, leaving his beloved Claire behind, here are some fan theories on how it could happen. Prepare to be emotional.

1. Jamie Dies Of Old Age In His Sleep

Jamie turned 50 in Season 5, so the way things are shaping up, he's likely to die in "old age," at least according to 18th-century standards. One theory is he'll die in his sleep while Claire lies beside him, like Tapatalk's Outlander Book Club member Nina suggested.

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