13 Of The Best ‘Outlander’ TV Show Scenes That Weren’t In The Books

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13 Of The Best ‘Outlander’ TV Show Scenes That Weren’t In The Books

With thousands and thousands (and thousands) of pages in Diana Gabaldon's Outlander books, you'd think the Starz series would never need to create their own plots. But there are times when the show creates scenarios that Gabaldon hadn't introduced for Claire and company. And sometimes, Outlander scenes that weren't in the books end up being pretty damn good.

There are plenty of times that fans wished certain book storylines made it into the show, but here are some moments exclusive to the series that fans couldn't imagine Outlander without.

1. Frank Searching For Claire

Because Outlander is written entirely from Claire's perspective, fans do not see what other characters went through after Claire mysteriously disappeared during her second honeymoon with Frank. But the episode "Both Sides Now," Season 1 Episode 8, fills in those gaps.

In this episode, the show explores Frank's struggle to find Claire in Inverness. It's challenging for him; authorities have written him off entirely, he falls prey to a con artist, and is completely lost. This look inside Frank's world during Claire's disappearance gave Tobias Menzies the chance to show off his softer side and allowed the viewer to be more sympathetic towards Frank.

2. Claire Delivering Jenny's Baby

Although she's a nurse, Claire doesn't volunteer to deliver Jenny's baby Margaret in the books. But in "The Watch," Season 1 Episode 13, it's just Claire and her sister-in-law in a raw birthing scene that helps Jenny have more respect for her brother's wife.

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