I need to know who Sam Heughan is kissing in NYC, y'all

Correct me if I'm wrong, but we haven't had a Sam Heughan dating rumor in a long time, and now suddenly Outlander Season 6 has premiered, and Sam's been spotted kissing a "mystery woman" in New York City? This seems all too conveniently timed but fine, I'll bite. I don't even care if it's Sam's new girlfriend of a PR plant, I just wanna know who she is so I can shake her hand. She's about to take off. And/orr, unfortunately, get a lot of very lovely hate mail from rabid fans.

And here's what E! News says about the "mystery woman" he was spotted kissing in Soho: In photos obtained exclusively by E! News, the 41-year-old Scottish actor was seen having lunch at Café Select in New York's Soho neighborhood with a mystery woman. Although some pictures suggest it was just two friends hanging out, cameras ultimately caught the pair sharing a kiss at one point in the meal.

And when it comes to who he's dated in the past....

Here's what Us Weekly says about his dating history: Unlike his onscreen counterpart’s steamy romance with Claire, Heughan has remained relatively tight-lipped about his own dating history, though he has previously been linked with MacKenzie Mauzy, Cody Kennedy and Abbie Salt. Us Weekly later confirmed in July 2018 that he was seeing Twin Peaks actress Amy Shiels

You can see the pics of Sam and "mystery woman" here: https://www.eonline.com/news/1322211/outlanders-sam-heughan-spotted-kissing-mystery-woman-on-lunch-date

Does anyone know who she is? And do we feel like it's real, or a publicity play to promote the end of Droughtlander.