Outlander prequel spinoff confirmed-ish !

According to Variety, sources have confirmed an Outlander prequel spinoff is in development at Starz !!


Starz and Sony wouldn't comment, but Variety's sources say Matt Roberts is behind it (and Ron Moore & Maril Davis will still be executive producers).

There's been rumblings of a spinoff for years, but I'm most interested in the fact that it's labeled as a "prequel."

Like, do the Lord John Grey stories technically count as "prequels"? Or is this going to be about Jamie's parents + Murtagh?! I'm not sure how I'd feel about that since Diana hasn't written that story yet. Same goes with a Master Raymond story, though I'd love to see more time travelers.

There's also Virgins, with a young Jamie and Ian Murray — but would Sam have the time/interest in that? Steven Cree hasn't been opposed to staying in the Outlander universe, but they're both a bit old to play 19 & 20-year-olds. And would that be enough content for a series? There's other short stories from Diana, but again — they're part of the Outlander timeline, so are they "prequels"?

OR is Roberts going to use his creative control to create a story that Diana hasn't written/planned to write?!

What would you like to most see out of an Outlander prequel??