Is It The Return Of The Bad Wig For Jamie On 'Outlander'?

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Is It The Return Of The Bad Wig For Jamie On 'Outlander'?

I may have figured out why Jamie's back is turned to the camera in the Outlander Season 6 poster. No, it's not because Jamie and Claire are gearing up to face whatever comes next together. It's because Jamie may have a bad wig on Outlander... again.

By reading online commentary and previously speaking to some expert fans about their thoughts on Jamie's hair on Outlander throughout the seasons, I've concluded that the general consensus is that Jamie's hair was not at its finest in Season 4. That was when Sam Heughan wore the wig with the bangs. But Jamie isn't rocking bangs in first looks at the upcoming season. So it wouldn't be the bad wig, just another not-so-flattering wig. But am I being alarmist? Or do you, like this fan on Reddit, see the problem in the updated cover of EW's Ultimate Guide to Outlander?

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I postured before that all may not be well with Jamie's hair in Season 6. As he gets older, his hair has gotten longer and in the Season 6 pictures, his (fake) hairline is rather prominent. Maybe Jamie's pony is pulled too tight? Or maybe the show is trying to give him a slightly receding hairline to highlight that the 41-year-old Heughan is playing someone in his 50s?

For the fear of sounding too harsh, I must say it's totally understandable that Heughan does not use his natural hair anymore due to the dying process. Plus, keeping the length that long would cause difficulties in accepting other roles. And in complete fairness to the hair and makeup department, it's not easy to make the edges of a wig look like natural hair... because it simply isn't natural hair! (Although, it must be said, Caitriona Balfe's Season 6 wig doesn't seem to be giving her the same trouble.)

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