The Best Jamie & Claire Moments From The 'Outlander' Season 6 Premiere

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The Best Jamie & Claire Moments From The 'Outlander' Season 6 Premiere

Spoilers ahead for the Outlander Season 6 premiere.

With new settlers, old foes, relived trauma, and a war on the horizon, you'd think maybe Jamie and Claire's love on Outlander would have to take a backseat. But as displayed by the most romantic Jamie and Claire moments in the Season 6 premiere, the couple at the heart of the series always finds time for one another. Jamie and Claire's love is what drives the Outlander story, so even with big changes for the characters, it's a guaranteed constant on the series. But as it seems that they're going to have a lot of very unsexy things on their plates this season, let's revel in the tenderest Claire and Jamie moments from the premiere.

Claire Appearing As Jamie's Angel

Like Jamie saw Claire in white walking on the battlefield of Culloden when he was near death, Claire appears to him again in the Ardsmuir flashback scene to provide him some solace as he's being flogged.

Jamie Wanting To Feel It All

Jamie may not be impressed by Claire's ether, but he's still got a spark for Claire. "It would be a shame not to feel anything," he says as he cozies up to her and plants a kiss. "Shame we can't put everyone to sleep for years but the two of us." But as the rest of the episode shows, there's no way they can do Claire's suggestion of stopping time... or stopping all the drama coming their way.

Jamie's Concern

Jamie sweetly covers up his rightful concern for Claire when he's eyeing her on their carriage ride to Marsali's by telling her, "I take pleasure in the sight of you is all." After her assault, Claire says he's been like her shadow, asking, "Are you going to accompany me on every home visit from now to kingdom come?" Jamie replies, "And long after that, Sassenach." Did Jamie just reference his ghost?!

The Sexy Angel

Jamie and Claire have sex after Jamie discloses his history with Tom Christie at Ardsmuir and claims, "Sometimes, I think you're an angel, Claire." But Claire takes that as a challenge, asking, "Would an angel do this?" while engaging in some foreplay. She promptly sends Jamie to heaven and later, softly touches his back scars (take that, Tom Christie!). As Caitríona Balfe acknowledged to SheKnows, the actors had the complication of filming the Season 6 sex scenes while Balfe was pregnant. But with the help of the intimacy coordinator (a suggestion from Sam Heughan), Jamie and Claire clearly still have the passion that's essential to their relationship.

Jamie's Concern, Part II

When Claire wakes from her nightmare of her past traumas, Jamie's there to touch her hand and find out why she's "unsettled." The scene after this — with Claire going downstairs and secretly seeking solace in her ether — might've overshadowed this moment. But Jamie's reaction to her highlights how he's still a supportive husband who's also trying to give her the space she claims she needs. So even though Claire' struggling in "Echoes," Jamie will surely help her find her way.

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