Celebrate The Holidays The 'Outlander' Way

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Celebrate The Holidays The 'Outlander' Way

Despite their many death-defying adventures and exploits through time, the heart of Outlander is the family between Jamie and Claire Fraser. They may not have had the opportunity to raise their child in a traditional way, but their community at Fraser's Ridge continues to grow from the familial love that these two have created. So what better way to honor the festive season by remembering how Outlander has celebrated holidays over the years?

One of the coziest ways to spend the Christmas holiday season is by watching the Outlander-themed Yule Log — with Starz providing Scotland, Fraser's Ridge, and now Men in Kilts varieties. But how do Claire, Jamie, and company spend the major holidays? Well, fans on Reddit have lamented the fact that there has been no time that viewers or readers have seen the Catholic Jamie and Claire celebrate Christmas together. They've shared birthdays with Jamie celebrating his 50th ahead of the Battle of Alamance in Season 5. But no Yuletide cheer between the pair. Still, whether nonsecular or secular, Starz's Outlander has given fans some festive moments courtesy of the characters. Here's how Outlander celebrates holidays all year long.

The Fourth Of July

OK, technically the Fourth of July isn't even a holiday in the timeline that Claire is currently in. But when she and Jamie began settling in the American colonies in the Season 4 premiere, they had their own fireworks (kind of) set to Ray Charles' "America the Beautiful" when Stephen Bonnet attacked their boat. (In Drums of Autumn, the attacks occurs in June 1767, sooo just shy of July 4??) Claire obviously celebrated some Fourth of Julys in Boston in the '50s and '60s and it's not really a spoiler to say Jamie will get to experience America's independence from Great Britain firsthand as the series heads toward the Revolutionary War. But since the pair on the show have already met George Washington — which is pretty much the most patriotic thing to ever happen ever — they've got it covered.

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