Will The Fraser House Fire From 'Outlander' Season 4 Finally Rise From The Ashes?

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Will The Fraser House Fire From 'Outlander' Season 4 Finally Rise From The Ashes?

With all the threats that Claire and Jamie Fraser face in colonial America on Outlander, there's one danger that has been smoldering underneath the surface. In Season 4, Brianna delivered the news that Jamie and Claire will die in a house fire at Fraser's Ridge. The date of the obituary was smudged, so the couple doesn't know exactly when this deadly fire is supposed to happen, but this Season 4 plot is ready to go up in flames in Outlander Season 6. Spoilers ahead for Outlander Book 6, A Breath of Snow and Ashes.

Just as Claire and Jamie were settling in North Carolina on their land in Fraser's Ridge in 1768, Brianna and Roger discovered in the 1970s that the Frasers will die within the next 12 years in a house fire. Although this has been a storyline since the fourth episode of Season 4, Season 5 really didn't touch upon it that much. But Outlander loves to bring back dormant storylines seasons later for dramatic effect (Geillis Duncan anyone?), so here's everything that Outlander the TV series has told viewers about the house fire and how it could play out in Season 6.

The Newspaper Clipping

In Season 4, Episode 4 "Common Ground," Roger discovers that Claire did in fact find Jamie in the past and that they became early settlers of North Carolina. Fiona Graham then reveals that not only did she know Claire was a time traveler, but that she has a newspaper clipping that Roger should see. She gives him the Wilmington Gazette obituary that announces that Jamie and Claire Fraser have died in a fire that destroyed their home at Fraser's Ridge. The date of the newspaper is Jan. 21, but the year is smudged, so Roger can only deduce that the fire will happen sometime during the decade of the 1770s.

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