David Berry Confirms Lord John's Return In Season 7, Where He & Jamie Have A Lot To Discuss

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David Berry Confirms Lord John's Return In Season 7, Where He & Jamie Have A Lot To Discuss

Spoilers ahead for Outlander Season 6, Episode 5, "Give Me Liberty."

When Jamie or his family is in trouble, Lord John Grey is often there to swoop in and save the day. Yet, things might be different between the pair after "Give Me Liberty." Lord John feels betrayed by Jamie after Jamie kept his true loyalties in the impending American Revolution a secret from him. These men have had their fair share of disputes in the past, with their at-odds political alliances and Lord John's unrequited romantic feelings for Jamie. But as David Berry, the actor who plays Lord John explains to The Dipp, this time, Jamie's "crossed a line of friendship."

Berry compares Lord John discovering the truth about Jamie's Patriot loyalties in Season 6 to a breakup of sorts. "The way I played it, the way I related to it, it's as if you're with someone – a partner, romantic partner, or anyone — and they cheat on you and that is a line in the sand," Berry says. "Depending on how much you love that person, can you forgive them? Can you move forward in the relationship?"

"Give Me Liberty" is the only Season 6 episode Berry will appear in, he tells me, but also shares that he'll be back as Lord John in Season 7. Because, when it comes the beloved Outlander kinship between Jamie and Lord John, Berry says, "There needs to be a reconciliation. Definitely the friendship has been damaged."

Berry says that, in Season 6, Jamie "disrespected Lord John's care and love for him" by hiding his true allegiance. Now, the Lord John actor says, "It's up to him to sort of reconcile in himself whether he can continue to harbor this love for a man that has betrayed him or hurt him and continually doesn't seem to reciprocate the kindness and consideration that Lord John extends to him."

Jamie obviously can't reveal the outcome of the revolution to his British aristocracy pal, but Berry says that Lord John can sense that Jamie's holding back something from him. And in "Give Me Liberty," Berry says Lord John is "trying to get Jamie to open up and let him in, but he doesn't."

According to Berry, Lord John's sense of hurt isn't about which side Jamie is on — "He doesn't attach himself too rigorously to any principle," he says of his character — it's the secrecy and lack of respect that cut the deepest... the "personal stakes," as the actor puts it. In that way, Berry thinks viewers will be able to be sympathetic to Lord John's side of things.

"If we're going to do it like a post-mortem of a breakup or a fight," Berry says with a laugh, "And I were to argue my case ... Look, the simple fact of, 'I put myself out for you. I continue to put myself out for you. And you don't respect or honor that. And I can't continue to do that because doing that hurts me in the process.'"

Of course, Lord John and Jamie didn't have a breakup because they're not in a romantic relationship despite what Lord John may want. But that doesn't take away from the depth of their feelings for one another. "The nature of their love is more complex than simple understandings of romantic love ... there's other complications of friendship or the fact that Jamie's heterosexual."

And Berry maintains that they can have a solid friendship outside of Lord John's romantic feelings. "Lord John is able to possess a love of his own whilst having a deep friendship with Jamie at this point in their relationship."

Still, when Lord John tells Jamie, "I'm a fool," after realizing that Jamie means to join the Sons of Liberty, Berry says he meant that as, "He's a fool for love."

"You always want to believe the best in the person that you love and hope that that person always has your interests and care and consideration in their hearts, too. You pine for it and you'll ... collect evidence in every way to affirm those beliefs and at the same time, ignore all the evidence that goes against that," Berry says, furthering his breakup/cheating analogy.

"Love is blind. And that's another thing that Lord John's opened new eyes to — the nature of his love and infatuation with Jamie and how it is impacting his life. And also Lord John's own safety and position within the army and his personal life as well."

As for himself, Berry says there's no reason to be too concerned about how Jamie fighting against the British could reflect poorly back on Lord John when it comes to the likes of Governor Martin — "I think Lord John's good enough at finessing his way through that and navigating all of that." So the real fallout will come from Lord John reevaluating his relationship with Jamie.

"I think if Jamie wants to keep Lord John in his life then he's going to have to go a ways to amending that," Berry says of the betrayal. "Or Lord John is also going to have to attempt to, from his side, understand Jamie or come to a better understanding of why Jamie did this."

Guess we'll have to wait until Season 7 to see it all play out.

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