14 Of The Biggest Questions Outlander Fans Have After 'Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone'

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14 Of The Biggest Questions Outlander Fans Have After 'Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone'

There's some questions in the Outlander series that may never be answered. And some that readers will have to wait until the very last page of the story to find out. But the mysteries I'm most currently concerned about are the many questions of Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone. Major spoilers ahead.

Although Book 9 in the Outlander series provides lots of updates on the Fraser family following the events of Written in My Own Heart's Blood, Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone might have given readers more questions than answers. Some questions Gabaldon has addressed online. So, if you were stressed about that snakebite toward the end of Bees, rest assured that you don't have to be. (Gabaldon called it "no big deal" on TheLitForum.) But many of these questions were planted by Herself to leave fans intrigued for Book 10. So you best embrace the unknown for the time being when it comes to the biggest questions prompted by Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone.

1. What Will Claire Be Able To Do When She Comes Into Her Full Powers?

Claire's got the blue light that allowed her to bring back the Cloudtree twin and Jamie. Her hair's not completely white just yet, but if she's already bringing back people from the dead (and sucking up musket balls?!), what the heck is she going to be capable of when her hair has turned truly white?! And another question may be: Where were all the reflective surfaces in Bees that she only knew her true hair color until the end?

2. What's Amaranthus's Deal?

Is Amaranthus what she says she is... a woman whose husband nearly ruined her by becoming a turncoat, so she got savvy and protected herself? Eh, Diana Gabaldon says not to trust Amaranthus's word, so I won't. But then, what is she up to and why is she seducing William? She may be benign, but the possibilities (including working for Ezekiel Richardson) are too sinister to ignore.

3. Is Ezekiel Richardson Really Mike Callahan?

Ezekial Richardson has been messing with Lord John Grey since An Echo in the Bone when tricked John into marrying Claire. And he revealed at least some of his motives at the end of Bees (though I'm sure there's more to it). But is Brianna right that Richardson had bad plastic surgery and is also the man who shot up Lallybroch in 1980 — Rob Cameron's archaeologist friend Mike Callahan? And if he is Mike Callahan, then what did he want with the Jacobite gold? And what time period is he originally from?! Maybe he knows the Comte St. Germain and that's why he's been after Fergus.

4. Can Davy Not Time Travel?

There's still so many questions about how time travel works. But Mandy may be the key as she seems to be the most powerful time traveler of all the family. So if Mandy says that her younger brother can't time travel because he's got a water-colored aura like Grandda, maybe she's right. And if so, that makes me stressed for the MacKenzies.

5. Is Brianna's Heart Condition Critical?

You don't just give a major character a heart condition for it to magically go away, do you? Well, it could've gone away after she gave birth to Davy. But if not, at least she has her blue light-healing mother nearby (for now).

6. Did Ben Get Remarried?

This may not be important to the main events, but it would prove how big of a liar Amaranthus is if Ben — I mean, Raphael Bleeker — wasn't remarried like she said.

7. Is Ulysses Dead?

Gabaldon told me it's not a given that Ulysses is dead. So if not, how did Sipio get the land grant? And if Ulysses is still around, will he try to take Fraser's Ridge again in Book 10? At least one consolation is once the Americans win the American Revolution, Jamie's lie to Governor Tryon might not matter anymore.

8. Is The Dead Man Related To Claire's Assailant?

Jamie is unnerved that the dead man in the stable in Salisbury looks so much like the man with the birthmark who raped Claire in A Breath of Snow and Ashes. Are these men related and if so, what's the significance? And what's the meaning of the Hebrew letter the dead man had on him with the word "ambidextrous"?

9. What Side is Denys Randall On?

Denys Randall seems to be a Loyalist, but then William found him helping Haym Salomon... a major financier of the Patriots, or rebel side, of the American Revolution. So is Denys really helping the Continental Army, or playing both sides? And could Denys's loyalties impact William?

10. Why Didn't Anyone Other Than Jamie Read Frank's Book?

Sure, everyone had time to read Green Eggs and Ham, but no one besides Jamie thought it would be useful to read what Professor Frank Randall had to say about what happens to the Scottish people in the American Revolution?!

11. Where's The Poisoned Brandy... And Hal?!

The poisoned brandy might be one of the most confounding plots of all of Bees. Hal writes to Claire in Chapter 123 asking for an "herbal preparation of a lethal nature" for "poisoning rats." She writes back telling him to use foxglove leaves, though she says it's no way to die. In Chapter 137, Amaranthus tells William that Hal had asked her for foxglove and then she found some off-tasting brandy locked away in a cabinet. In Chapter 138, Lord John sees that Richardson has his bottle of brandy on the Pallus — could that have been poisoned brandy? But then, in Chapter 152, Percy seemingly drinks it. If that wasn't all shady enough, add on the possibility that Amaranthus was lying and intercepted Claire's letter to Hal and that Hal hasn't been seen after saying he was going on a dangerous mission. I'm avoiding brandy and sticking to whisky from here on out.

12. Is Percy Actually Dead?

Percy Wainwright was poisoned after he came to Number 12 Oglethorpe Street to tell William that Lord John Grey is being held captive on the boat, the Pallus. He became sick seemingly from the poisoned brandy, but was it on purpose (Amaranthus kept pushing the spirit) or an accident? Was it even the poisoned brandy?! But the biggest question since it wasn't 100% confirmed is: Is Percy truly dead? Well, while Lord John may have a shot with Jamie and William going after him, the future's not looking bright for poor Percy.

13. What Happened To The Wemyss & Beardsley Family?

This one might be more nit-picky than a big question, but Lizzie, her husbands, and her father were important figures to the Frasers on the Ridge in past books. The family was still present in Bees, but they weren't as prominent with other settlers getting time on the page. Maybe it's because Lizzie, Kezzie, and Jo are in a polyamorous marriage and they had to start keeping to themselves to protect themselves. But readers were still wondering why they weren't there to help Jamie and Claire during big Ridge events, like hunting down the bear that killed Amy Higgins... especially since the Beardsley twins are such skilled hunters.

14. Is Fanny and Jane Pocock's Mom Claire and Jamie's Daughter?

A truly wild possibility that came up in Bees was Claire's musing that Fanny's mom Faith could be her daughter Faith. There's certainly more to the Master Raymond story, so maybe he really did save Faith back in Paris all those years ago. Or maybe Gabaldon was just trying to highlight how much Claire was missing her stillborn daughter. But as long as we are talking about questionable parentage, I'm still wondering if the Comte is Fergus's father... even if Fergus doesn't seem all that curious.

As there's going to be plenty of time until Book 10 comes out, readers are going to have to get comfortable not knowing the answers to these questions. And with Gabaldon telling me that Book 10 is "not definitely" the last in the Outlander series, perhaps the biggest question of all is when Claire and Jamie's story will end. And if I missed any biggies, let me know in the comments!

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