The Best 'Outlander' Callbacks, From Barbecues To The Blue Vase

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The Best 'Outlander' Callbacks, From Barbecues To The Blue Vase

Outlander has plenty of content to work with thanks to Diana Gabaldon. But the people behind the TV adaptation like to spread their own creative wings as well. One of the most obvious ways the series shows off its cleverness is through the many callbacks on Outlander. Not always exactly Easter eggs, these references are a way for the show to pay homage to past moments. And when you spot one of these nuggets, it can add another layer of enjoyment for the audience.

Some callbacks can be left up to interpretation. For instance, current showrunner Matthew B. Roberts told The Hollywood Reporter he didn't intentionally mirror "The Wedding" episode when he wrote Jamie and Claire's reunion in "A. Malcolm," but that didn't stop people from seeing the parallels. Others are far more overt, like the many nods featured in Claire's dreamscape in the Season 5 finale, "Never My Love." Thanks to eagle-eyed viewers and the many, many insider details provided by the people who create Outlander, here are some of the best callbacks on the show.

Frank Randall Using A "Blackjack"

Beyond the inspired acting choice to make Tobias Menzies play both Frank Randall and Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall, fans on Reddit spotted another subtle nod to their connection. In "Both Sides Now," when Frank gets attacked in the alleyway by people claiming to have information about Claire, he whips out an odd-looking baton. This type of club is sometimes known as a blackjack. Makes sense since Frank's violent side mirroring his sadistic ancestor comes out here.

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