6 Questions About ‘Once Upon A Time’ That Still Matter, Two Years After The Finale

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6 Questions About ‘Once Upon A Time’ That Still Matter, Two Years After The Finale

Once upon a time a beloved ABC series made the jump from Netflix to Disney+ one fall 2020 morning, setting the internet astir and reminding everyone just why we were enthralled with Emma Swan, her lie detection skills, and the fairy tale characters that are part of her family’s history. Her parents are Snow White and Prince Charming, after all. (Don’t get me started on her extended family... it’s quite the tangly family tree.)

What I loved about Once Upon a Time is that the show re-introduced us to characters we thought we knew extensively — and primarily from Disney movies — but even after seven seasons of breaking curses and thwarting Dark Ones, there are still a few plot points that need one of Henry's operation codenames to get to the bottom of.

In celebration of this renewed marathon-fest, I decided to look upon those charming roads less traveled on the fantasy series and pull on those loose threads I'm still curious about all these years later.

So did Lancelot ever retrieve the Lady of the Lake or reunite with Guinevere?

Lancelot has a long history with Snow White, as they were friends back in the Enchanted Forest. He even officiated a marriage ceremony for her and Charming before his mother died just so she could bear witness to her son’s happiness.

We see him again when Charming, Snow, Emma, Hook, Regina and the gang find themselves in Camelot in Season 5. Via flashback, we learn of Lancelot's love story with Guinevere, and how King Arthur cast a spell on her to make her forget her feelings for Lancelot — or how corrupt of a leader he is.

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