“Lady Marmalade” Anniversary

Where’s all my soul sistas? I need to know because we must celebrate! This week, we hit the 21st anniversary of THEE music video of our lifetime, “Lady Marmalade,” from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. Four powerhouses that were the moment at the time of its release banded together to tell the story of sex workers at the Moulin Rouge. This video was a work of art; a performance in the highest degree. The costumes! The set! The lighting! It’s perfection in 3 and a half minutes, and you can’t tell me otherwise.

Each woman (including Missy as the narrator) delivered a high dosage of their own personal brand: Mya brought a sensual softness to an otherwise powerful number, Pink’s hardened exterior showed us that these women of the Moulin Rouge weren’t taking any shit, Lil’ Kim supplied the bars (and the wine with diamonds in the glass), and Christina came with her signature growls.

My question, my dear soul sistas, is this: if a remake were to happen today, who are our four modern divas who would slay this production?