We're about a week into Snapple revealing that 3 of the previously-discontinued Snapple Elements flavors will be returning to shelves, and yet... I have yet to see any in the wild. Not my local Target, not my grocer's juice aisle, not the corner bodega. No Elements to be found.

The Snapple website? Forget about it - no shipping options are available. The site simply points you to the very locations I just checked. Still empty.

Don't think about turning to the Instagram account for assistance, either. You leave a comment, to which the social media manager replies saying to DM them with your zip code and they will help you locate the product. As someone who listens to instructions, you DM them with your zip code and let it be known that you are in a fix for some Snapple Rain.

Hours later, the response comes through: These are brand new flavors, so, we are unable to tell you exactly where you might get them, however, we recommend checking with your local supermarkets to see if they have them or not.

You can't make this up.

Amazon seemed like the next logical step, where you find one bottle available for $9. Free shipping, though, so that's a plus. This is insane. One bottle of Snapple Rain for $9?!

Clearly, you buy it. (It arrives March 14-20. More to come on whether this was worth it. I'm assuming not.)