Who Is Stalking Masha On 'Nine Perfect Strangers'? The 6 People At The Top Of The Suspects List

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Who Is Stalking Masha On 'Nine Perfect Strangers'? The 6 People At The Top Of The Suspects List

What does a wellness guru do when she receives death threats on her phone? If you're a sketchy Russian immigrant with seemingly no friends, family, or medical expertise, the answer is nothing. Masha is being stalked on Nine Perfect Strangers and getting threatening text messages, but she doesn't seem all that interested in finding out who's behind it. So, if she won't help herself, we will.

Masha's threatening messages began in Episode 2 when she got a text from an anonymous number: "Congratulations! It's your LAST WEEK ON EARTH." This reads more like the beginning of the chain email middle-schoolers send each other as pranks than an actual threat to Masha's life, so when she brushes it off with Yao, it didn't feel like that big of a deal. But then came the second message in Episode 3, "can't take my eyes off you," which came with a video of her morning dive.

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So, Masha has a stalker who has given her one week to live — conveniently timing her death to the end of this groups wellness retreat at Tranquillum House. But is her life really at risk? Or is this just a game of cat and mouse? Let's break down the clues and potential suspects to see if we can find out who is stalking Masha and why?


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There's a scene in Episode 3 when Delilah confronts Masha about the threatening texts and suggests they might be coming from "Connelly." Based on Masha's super suspicious response — "I won, no negligence" — I'm guessing that "Connelly" might be a client who was severely injured or a family of someone who died at Tranquillum House during one of Masha's special treatments.

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