Examining Masha's 'Nine Perfect Strangers' Flashback For Clues

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Examining Masha's 'Nine Perfect Strangers' Flashback For Clues

Someone's been watching Masha for a long time, and Nine Perfect Strangers just served up the flashback to prove it. The opening scene of the miniseries' fourth episode reveals what happened when the Russian guru was shot in the carpark, and gave viewers a glimpse of her high-powered lifestyle in the process. It seems Masha was on her way to a beach house the night someone approached her from behind and shot her. But who this person was and why they wanted to shoot her remains unclear.

Still, even though the show is doling out the pieces to this puzzle one at a time, there are definitely some clues buried in Masha's flashback. First, let's take a look at the surface level stuff: The resort owner's holistic awakening is feeling more and more bogus by the minute. In the latest episode, she goes on and on about the health benefits of microdosing guests with mushrooms, but the group's resident journalist Lars quickly surmises that this is all about making Masha rich.

Now, Masha is clearly not a person who needs more cash, but her flashback made it clear she has no off switch when it comes to work. Even though she was heading off for a weekend away when she was shot, she was still shouting orders to some poor sap named Todd. Her mind is always on business, and even though she's playing the role of an enlightened guru, she still has her eyes trained on fame and fortune. And that could very well be her downfall.

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