Am I crazy to think that Genzlinger was Jess' best match?

I've never really been Team Jess-Nick, so I was predisposed to be disappointed with the show's ending. But I did find it odd that the ex the show brought back before Nick and Jess' eventual union was Dr. Sam. Because, to me, the one that MOST got away from Jess was Genzlinger.

They had a ton in common, were both goofballs, and had an optimistic outlook on life that I think she lost (and not for the better) when she was with Nick (even if that outlook can often be unrealistic). He most allowed Jess to be herself.

I've always been bummed about how they ended and how Genzlinger turned out to be a party clown. They both deserved better — at least the season 1 versions of themselves did.