How should Never Have I Ever end?

Mindy Kaling announced today that there will be a fourth and final season of Never Have I Ever:

It's bittersweet, but, I think, for the best — I do appreciate when we're able to see a show's full journey, rather than living through multiple renewals that force a show's writers to introduce new storylines that might never get completed.

So, given we have two seasons left, how do we think Never Have I Ever Should end? Of course, at the center of the plot is Team Ben and Team Paxton conversations, but I feel like it's inevitable that Devi is going to end up alone.

She has yet to fully cope with her anger management issues, and chasing after the two men in her life has actually allowed her to avoid confronting her father's death — it's more fun to try to hook up with the hottest guy in school or your biggest rival than to think about the pain in your past. I'm guessing it will end with Devi realizing she needs to focus on herself and her personal growth, while Ben and Paxton grow in their own ways outside of Devi.

That said, I will always be Team Ben, fwiw.