We should be talking about The Puppet Master: Hunting the Ultimate Conman as much as The Tinder Swindler

Don't get me wrong, The Tinder Swindler is mind-blowing and shocking and addictive, but nothing has made my jaw drop and my heart stop quite like the other true crime/con docu-series The Puppet Master. The three-episode series (you'll watch it in one sitting, trust me) follows the known victims of a man named Robert/David/who knows what else, a total sociopath who has spent decades pretending to be an MI5 agent.

Like The Tinder Swindler he traps his victims with wild lies and gets them to hand over all their money, but The Puppet Master is somehow even more evil, and quite possibly a murderer. It's sometimes unbearable to see the fallout of the damage he has done to his victims and their families, who didn't just lose all their money, but their loved ones for years at a time, if not forever

As difficult as this series can be to watch (this monster has irreversibly ruined people's lives) it's important that this a**hole gets famous, for all the reasons he'd hate. Plus, one of the victims (Sarah) has, arguably, the coolest dads in history, tracking her down like some sort of British Liam Neeson. Trust me, it's worth watching just for him.

Am I the only one who has been totally blown away by The Puppet Master? Did it completely ruin Duran Duran's music for you, too?