Would you marry any of the Love Is Blind guys?

At least of the ones we got deep edits of....

Speaking of edits, I know it's a heavily edited show and we don't *really* know the characters, but I don't think I would marry any of them, but let's pretend I HAD to chose one.

Our options are: Shake, Shayne, Salvador, Jarrette, and Nick. Shake is an absolutely not and even Nick seemed to have controlling tendencies and I don't like how he handled arguments. I'm not sure if I missed the big fight between Shayne and Natalie (I fast forwarded... A LOT), and while he did start to grow on me, I don't think I would have married him. I did like Jarrette and his dad was the cutest, but if I HAD to marry someone, I'm choosing Sal.

Normally I'm not a ukelele type of girl, but Sal was so genuine and caring. The way he spoke to Mallory's family after the wedding ceremony. A GEM. I think he was marriage material.