Give Robert From 'My Unorthodox Life' His Own Show, Netflix!

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Give Robert From 'My Unorthodox Life' His Own Show, Netflix!

My Unorthodox Life is technically a reality series about the fabulous CEO of Elite World Julia Haart, her kids, and her Clueless-inspired closet, but what I ultimately took away from Season 1 was that the company's COO Robert Brotherton on My Unorthodox Life was born to be a star. Look, everyone on the show is fun to watch, but no one can top Robert, who routinely walked away with every scene he was in. And while part of his charm is definitely tied to his sense of humor, his emotional journey was easily the most rewarding part of the first season.

I'm sorry, but Batsheva's TikTok career and Shlomo's burgeoning love life simply can't compete with Robert's search for his birth person or watching him confront the self worth issues that have prevented him from dating for four years. On My Unorthodox Life, he seamlessly pivots between being Julia's righthand man and confidant, and going on his own journey of self-discovery. And he still has time to serve up a Southern-fried catchphrase. Lord in heaven! The man has layers that are just begging to be pulled back on a show all his own.

Because Robert is so clearly poised to be the breakout star of My Unorthodox Life, let's look back at all of the moments the Texas native proved he's ready to take center stage on his very own reality show.

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