Just 41 Photos Of Ben Reacting To Life On 'My Unorthodox Life'

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Just 41 Photos Of Ben Reacting To Life On 'My Unorthodox Life'

Oh Ben, modern life is hard, but watching you react to it is the most fun I've had all year. While most of Julia Haart's family seems to largely be acclimated to the ins and outs of the real world after leaving their ultra-Orthodox Jewish community behind, Batsheva's husband Ben is still struggling at the start of My Unorthodox Life. To be fair, leaving such a devout community for New York City has to be one hell of a transition, and I'm in awe of the entire Haart family's journey. Still, Ben served up so many hilarious reactions throughout Season 1, I had to chronicle them.

In many ways, Ben feels like the second coming of Jim Halpert. Or, you know, a Orthodox Jewish version of Jim with a mother-in-law who hands out vibrators like they're sticks of gum. It's clear that Binyamin loves his wife's family, but he's also more than a little bit baffled by them, especially early on in the season.

During one of the show's many cutaways, he confesses to the producers that when he married Batsheva eight years ago, he thought he was marrying into a normal Orthodox Jewish family. It seems like he expected to live in Monsey, have kids at an early age, and be a devout man who largely eschewed the outside world. Now, he's married to a TikTok influencer with a fashion designer CEO for a mom.

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