The Gaelic Lesson On 'Men In Kilts' Was Interrupted By An Old 'Outlander' Foe

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The Gaelic Lesson On 'Men In Kilts' Was Interrupted By An Old 'Outlander' Foe

Jamie Fraser has faced many foes on Outlander. Though Black Jack Randall may stand out from the rest, only one villain from the Outlander set that has followed Sam Heughan onto Men in Kilts. And no, I'm not talking about his Dougal MacKenzie costar Graham McTavish. I am talking about the dreaded midge.

For the uninitiated, midges are tiny insects that fly about the Scottish Highlands. Now, you may wonder what could be so terrifying about them. But then, you've not been keeping up with the horror-filled accounts from the Outlander cast and crew dealing with these pesky, biting bugs (behind-the-scenes here). Heughan has indicated his disdain for them on Twitter quite a few times (here, here, here, and here). As he wrote in Clanlands:

"Small and annoying, their bite is no more than an itch, but they like to hunt in clouds of thousands. On set, they find their way under your wig, anywhere warm and slightly moist, they feast on your scalp and it's so hard not to itch or scream during your closeup... darling."

While the midges may wreak havoc under wigs (another reason to grow your hair out again, Heughan... just sayin'), he wasn't in costume on Men in Kilts. But that didn't stop them from attacking him in his leather jacket during his and McTavish's Gaelic lesson with Morag McDonald. Much scratching, waving, twitching, and net-wearing ensued from McTavish's "midge-aversed friend." But even with the net, Heughan nearly nailed the Gaelic pronunciation of words like, "Stop." Too bad midges don't speak Gaelic... or English for that matter.

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