On 'Married To Medicine,' We MUST Reunite Dr. Simone & Dr. Jackie

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On 'Married To Medicine,' We MUST Reunite Dr. Simone & Dr. Jackie

Guys, just so you know, Married to Medicine comforts me. It allows me to put my head gently on my pillow every Sunday night and prepare for another week ahead. I can’t describe how much I love this show, so I feel like weekly Married to Medicine recaps are my love letter to the women of this franchise. So here we go: M2M, Season 8, Episode 4, "Home Court Advantage." Let's go.

The episode starts as almost every episode starts and that is with some music and
cute little montages of all the women. Dr. Jackie asking a pregnant woman if she
works out; Toya telling her kids what to do while she leaves for tennis, Dr. Contessa painting with her kids and their yoga instructor; Dr. Simone riding shotgun in the Porsche with her son Michael. All is well in the ATL.

Now guys, when I tell you that Michael is Dr. Simone’s mini me, I mean it to the depths of my soul. First of all, he's cute as hell, but he's also so funny. When he and his mom go over the dinners they've made one another… it’s those little moments that make me fall in love with this show every dam week.

It's not all lovey dovey though, because once again, we are reminded of this division between Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone… and it is breaking my heart! They were the definition of friends who became family. Dr. Jackie even delivered Dr. Simone’s son Michael, so to see this divide is just so heartbreaking.

Someone recently asked me who my favorite Housewives duo is, and without hesitation I said Drs. Jackie and Simone. Ramona and Sonja have nothing on those girls. I promise you, if I ever get knocked up, I am going to Atlanta and they will be delivering my children.

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