'Married To Medicine' Gives Us BLM & Sex Talk All In One Episode

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'Married To Medicine' Gives Us BLM & Sex Talk All In One Episode

Week after week, I'm reminded that Married to Medicine is not only the most important show on Bravo, it's also the most entertaining. It gives us everything we need: friendship, family, shady confessionals, doctors finding their way during the pandemic, and a focus on Black Lives Matter. The next few episodes are going to be filled with powerful moments when we seem them go to Washington D.C. for the Black Lives Matter march.

Not only are Dr. Damon and Heavenly putting this trip together to go to the March on Washington, but they're also doing free COVID testing there. Reverend Al Sharpton got wind of this and made a phone call to Heavenly saying he was so proud of the work they were doing and would love to meet with them when they arrive. You can just see the look of joy on her face and Daddy’s when they're packing and talking about the trip. (Side note: I love referring to him as Daddy per Dr. Heavenly; it makes me laugh).

This season, we've been gifted with the familiar faces pf Kari Wells and Lisa Nicole. Obviously, Toya brought them back because Toya always brings a plus one, or two, to a group function. And it drives Heavenly insane. Which I fucking love, because when Heavenly gets going, there is nothing better.

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Now, I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t be annoyed if she brought someone uninvited to a pool party or a lunch, but when Heavenly and Daddy/Dr. Damon are planning this big trip to D.C., bringing two people feels a little strange, honestly. In the words of Luann, “not cool.”

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