How To Hire Nichole & Sarah From 'Marriage Or Mortgage'

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How To Hire Nichole & Sarah From 'Marriage Or Mortgage'

Beyond inspiring a growing sense of existential dread in anyone who naively thought they might one day have a wedding and buy a house, Netflix's Marriage or Mortgage reality series will also make you want to hire wedding planner Sarah Miller and real estate agent Nichole Holmes to help you get your life together. Say what you will about the show's premise, but these two lifestyle gurus know how to execute a well-thought-out sales pitch, and they're not above pulling on their prospective clients' heartstrings to land their business. Which is a potent combination, as evidenced by their clients' agonized decision-making process on the show.

It's unclear whether the duo will be able to deliver all of those sweet discounts and elaborate staging moments in real life. But if you're currently house hunting or planning a wedding (or both!) in the Nashville area, the internet is full of glowing testimonials about Sarah and Nichole's work. Sarah, in particular, seems to have cultivated a reputation for going above and beyond for clients during the pandemic.

According to one testimonial from a happy customer posted on The Knot, Sarah excels at keeping weddings on track, whether that means securing last minute vendors or rolling with the constantly evolving health and safety constraints in a COVID-19 world. "Honestly, I cannot thank Sarah and her team enough for much they went above and beyond for us ... If you are looking for someone who is detail oriented, down to earth, extremely helpful, talented, and has major industry connects, look no further!" one customer gushed. "Sarah is a gem and we were very lucky to have her guiding us as we began our new life and husband and wife."

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