Who Killed Erin On 'Mare Of Easttown'? Here Are The 7 Main Suspects

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Who Killed Erin On 'Mare Of Easttown'? Here Are The 7 Main Suspects

Despite what you may have read, Mare of Easttown isn't just about accents, or Evan Peters awkwardly flirting with Kate Winslet — it's about murder. And, with only two episodes left, we're finally getting closer to finding out who killed Erin. Was it her apathetic baby daddy? Her (probably) abusive father? The creepy van guy who kidnapped Katie Bailey? These Mare of Easttown theories on who killed Erin point to a few main suspects.

Episode 5, "Illusions," was a huge episode, not just because of Evan Peters (RIP Zabel), but also because it was full of clues about what happened to Erin. The discovery of Katie Bailey and another missing girl in Wayne Potts' attic introduced a brand new suspect. And then there was the revelation that Erin spent a few months living with her uncle, Billy, last year — something that seemed to make Billy awfully uncomfortable when Mare asked him about it. Not to mention the Deacon's admission that he drove Erin to the park where she was killed and the revelation of a massive hole in Dylan's alibi. As we go into the last two episodes of the season, here's where the suspects stand.

Deacon Mark Burton

Image: Michele K. Short/HBO

The Prosecution: The Deacon has been accused of having sexual relationships with teenage girls in the past, and he didn't tell the cops about the extent of his involvement the night of Erin's murder. He claimed they had just talked on the phone, when in reality, he's the one that picked her up from a party in the woods and drove her to the park where she would be murdered. He insisted that he didn't kill her, but he also dumped her bike in the river, which is not great.

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