Is Guy Pearce Really Good On 'Mare Of Easttown'? He's Got One More Chance To Be The Villain

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Is Guy Pearce Really Good On 'Mare Of Easttown'? He's Got One More Chance To Be The Villain

When certain actors appear on your screen, you may be temporarily lulled by their charisma — but subconsciously, you know they're going to turn out to be bad. As Mindy Kaling tweeted, Guy Pearce as Richard Ryan in Mare of Easttown is one of those actors. Sure, do I want to believe that author Richard is simply a good guy so smitten by Mare that he brings her a get-well basket of Rolling Rock, Laspada's hoagies, and Cocco's cheesesteaks? Of course! As a person from the Philadelphia suburbs, that's the goddamn dream. But Mare of Easttown is a murder mystery and Pearce is kind of a big deal... and an actor who doesn't shy away from playing villains. So could he really just be playing an author with a crush on Kate Winslet's Mare?

Crushing on Winslet is a worthy endeavor (or a deadly one if you're Evan Peters). But Pearce's appearance on Mare of Easttown has viewers torn on whether there's something more to his role, putting people into two camps — the "definitely the murderer" one or the "red herring" one.

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As Variety reported, Pearce wasn't originally cast in the role, so maybe the world is reading into his past career too much. Plus, he could be completely innocent since stranger things have happened in HBO miniseries (Exhibit A: Donald Sutherland in The Undoing). But there's more than enough reason to stay wary of the award-winning writer of May's Landing. Ahead of the Mare of Easttown finale on May 30, let's examine the chances that Pearce's character is guilty — whether that means Richard was involved in Erin's murder or has some other scheme going on.

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