The Lights Really Do Turn Off On 'Love Island'

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The Lights Really Do Turn Off On 'Love Island'

Everyone knows that the producers create an environment for the contestants on Love Island but it's weird when they actually acknowledge it. Take Chloe Barrows recounting her night in the Hideaway to the girls. As she went through the breakdown of their steamy night, she revealed that "once the lights went off" they stopped short of having sex.

Whether or not that is true (there are night cams, Chloe!), it did make me stop and realize that the Islanders are given a bed time, not just to retreat upstairs but to actually roll over and try to sleep when they turn the lights off in the villa. This isn't a new thing, but when you really think about it, it's no wonder that the Islanders are so emotional all the time. They are being fucked with All. Day. Long.

For example, it's clear that the producers turn the lights on in the morning to wake up the contestants. In fact, some contestants have later revealed that they will play music or start talking really loudly on an intercom. This is why in the morning, you'll hear the contestants saying to each other "good morning, Islanders!"... as if they're mimicking their wake up call as they reach for their shades. Also, this all happens before 9:30 a.m., which is the longest that they are allowed to stay in bed, depending on how brutal the night before was.

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