Who's The Two Faced Mug On 'Love Island'?

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Who's The Two Faced Mug On 'Love Island'?

If anyone deserves an award for moving the maddest this season on Love Island, it is Toby. He is a one man shitshow, having moved from Kaz to Chloe to Abigail, and who knows who else down the line. After taking heat from Kaz about how he treated her when he moved on, Toby turned around and did the exact same to Chloe, who also spent two full days storming around the villa shocked that a man who secretly kissed her while in a couple would be attempting to get to know another girl while still in a relationship.

Meanwhile, Toby spent the days grimacing and wondering aloud why these women wouldn't just let him do what he pleased. The audacity of these chicks, right?! Given the bromance that this group of gents have, it was quite surprising when Hugo Hammond took the time at the recoupling ceremony to call Toby out and defend Chloe in front of everyone. Especially to Toby, who called Hugo a "two faced mug" and a "girl follower" afterwards. And you know what? He's right.

Listen, Toby has blown through two and a half women so far on the show. He is the definition of moving mad. But Hugo's shell shocked face as Toby tells him to bug off tells a deeper story.

In Toby's defense, all of the guys, including Hugo, sanctioned his getting to know Abi, as they did when he got to know Chloe.

Hugo had his chance to tell Toby he was wrong and didn't and to be honest, I think his big ol' speech was just a ploy to get in with Chloe, an exercise in futility.

While Toby is being made out to be a villain with his moves, at least he's honest about following his hormones. And in the villa, that's not exactly being muggy at all.

Images: ITV

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