Was This ‘Love Island’s Strangest Challenge?

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Was This ‘Love Island’s Strangest Challenge?

The challenges on Love Island are never actually challenges. They are strange and to be frank totally unnecessary interludes in order to get the Islanders to make out with each other and feel each other up. Sometimes, they are worthwhile, because it gives the Islanders a chance to rub up on someone they aren't coupled up with, often leading to some drama. See: Toby Aromolaran and Chloe Barrows makeout sesh during the cop challenge.

But this week, Love Island producers have buried the bar with the "Cattitude" challenge in which the girls dress like cats and the boys have mouse masks on and they basically...just hook up with each other in front of everyone else? Oh! And dance in milk.

There's A Lot Of Excitement

The boys are inexplicably really excited to dress up as mice, er, mouses.

This Makes No Sense

First, the girls dance in a pool of "milk," and I do not want to know if it's water with some powder in it or actual milk.

Kaz Understood The Assignment

But It Got Creepy, Fast

Then, There's A Stripper Pole

Then It's Time To Make Out

After the pole, the "cat" releases their "mouse" from jail (??!?!) and puts them in a mousetrap and then they dry hump each other (??!?!) while everyone cheers along. I just want to know what the connection is between the cats and mice and the jail? Why are the mice locked up, then released, only to be put back in a trap?

No One:


There was no rule about crawling out of jail.

I'm So Confused

No one understands what the point was of this challenge.

Well, Maybe It Was This

As if the Islanders weren't already half naked around each other all day, twerking in a fake milk substance just makes it...hot?

This is really all to say: bring back the Twitter challenge!

Images: iTV

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