A List Of The 'Love Island' Season 7 Turn Ons & Turn Offs, From White Toes To White Pants

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A List Of The 'Love Island' Season 7 Turn Ons & Turn Offs, From White Toes To White Pants

The whole point of Love Island is to find someone that you not only want to share a bed with all summer, but also — possibly — win a couple thousand grand with as well. (And yeah, maybe form a long-lasting relationship with, but we're being realistic here.) So it makes sense that one of the main topics of conversation every season of Love Island is what turns them off and on. And man, do they have a lot of them.

The first question the Islanders ask each other when they meet is what their "type" is and even when they say they don't have one, they sure as hell have a list of things they prefer in a partner. Mostly, any man or woman has to be "fit" but that's not all they want in a significant other (although it is a big part of it all). Here is a comprehensive list of what the Season 7 Love Island UK contestants said they were looking for in just the first episode.

Turn Ons

Good teeth — literally every woman on Love Island, ever

Dominance — Faye

Tall — everyone

Someone who will treat them nice — Liberty

Personality — Sharon

Good chat — everyone

Tiny white toes — Jake

Blondes — every dude in the villa

Someone who can take her savage personality — Sharon

A guy who can rip her a "new arsehole" ("but not like that") — Faye

Muscles and a nice back — Kaz

Looks — Brad

Tanned — everyone

Turn Offs

Too short men — all of the women

Not fake — Hugo

White jeans — Sharon

Bad personality — almost everyone

Ego — Sharon

No eye contact — Kaz

Being too nice — all of the women

Not wanting to rip someone's clothes off — Jake

While they may be repetitive and often shallow, most of the the islanders' turn ons and turn offs are fairly reasonable, although I hope I never hear the phrase "tiny white toes" come out of a man's mouth again. Basically, everyone is looking for someone hot who will put up with them and really... aren't we all?

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