The 'Love Island' Sex Codes Are Harder To Crack Than The Enigma Code

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The 'Love Island' Sex Codes Are Harder To Crack Than The Enigma Code

On every season of Love Island, the contestants come up with codes to talk about sex. Back in Season 4, there was the "Do Bits" society that the boys coined. Last year, the men used their breakfast plates to describe what they did in bed the night before. This season is no different, as both the women and the men have coined a way to talk about how far they've gone with their other half. Unfortunately, the sex codes on this season of Love Island are so confusing, it's unclear whether or not they even know what they're talking about.

Let's start with the boys. The men have taken to describing sex as if they were describing a soccer match, but it often gets super mangled. Take Toby trying to tell the boys about what he and Chloe did in the Hideaway. Does anyone have any idea what went down? He said that there was a "flooding on the pitch," the pitch being the tern in the UK for "field," and that the game was canceled. Does that mean that they just stopped? Did Chloe have her period? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, TOBES.

Does this mean he did something to her or she did something to him!?

To be fair, the men's confusing lingo for talking about sex isn't any worse than the complicated code that the girls have come up with. If your American/non-soccer friendly brain had to really work to figure out what a "streaker on the pitch" (getting totally naked, apparently), the women's code will make your head hurt.

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