How Did 'Love Island's Teddy Get The Scar On His Butt?

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How Did 'Love Island's Teddy Get The Scar On His Butt?

Let's be honest, the best bits of Love Island are the quiet chat moments, when we catch the Islanders doing and saying things that make you go — cue Lucinda voice — realllyyy?!?!? Sometimes, I'll have it on in the background and hear a comment that makes me go running back from the kitchen to rewind, a reminder that Love Island is meant to be watched seriously.

One of those moments in this episode was Teddy Soares telling Faye Winter that he has a scar on his butt. Maybe this is too personal, but consider me intrigued! He shows her the scar on his butt cheek and tells her that he got it from one of those "spiky" fences and he had to push himself off of it. It was so bad that he had to go to the hospital and was embarrassed that the nurse couldn't numb it to care for it. A very bad story, indeed. But. Why was he on a fence in the first place?

"That's a proper scar," Faye says.

Was he a kid and hopping a fence with his friends, doing rowdy boy things? Actually, that's a good question — was he a grown ass man when this happened or a kid? Was he being chased? There are only so many ways and reasons to end up impaled by a spiky fence and none of them are very good. I feel like if you're climbing a fence you're up to no good.

Or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe he climbed the fence to help a cat out of a tree or get into his neighbors yard to perform CPR on them or something. Either way, when Teddy said he had a terrible story about getting a scar on his ass, he really didn't deliver at all. We need more info Teddy!

Images: ITV

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