Has Teddy From 'Love Island' Ever Ridden A Bike?

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Has Teddy From 'Love Island' Ever Ridden A Bike?

The dates on Love Island are famously lame, as they are usually just a chance for the couple to get out of the villa and talk with a glass of champagne. But Teddy must have pissed off a producer who knew a little secret about his cycling past because they made him and Faye actually do something to get to the champagne and chat part of the date and friends, it was brutal.

The two are informed that not only are they going on a date, but they will be going on a Tour de Faye (get it?) and riding bicycles together. Of all the things to do in Majorca! Bike riding! Faye seems pleased as she retreats to the dressing room to get glammed up, but Teddy? Teddy is nervous. And for good reason. Because it becomes quite clear, quite fast that this man has never even seen a bike up close.

Heading out of the house, the men tease Teddy about his biking date and he pretends to be excited for it. But look at this man's face as they ask him for a wheelie pic when he comes back. He knows he doesn't even know how brake, most likely.

Later, he and Faye actually find the bikes and Teddy lamely exclaims, "hey look at the bikes!"as if he can't wait to ride. He murmurs to himself as they approach and Faye must sense his energy if off because she asks him if he knows how to bike. Teddy is still leaning into the whole "it's just been a while" thing and for that, he has my respect.

He's really going for it.

Because he did, multiple times.

Teddy then really embraces this big fat lie about knowing how to ride a bike by attempting to remember the last time he did so. But anyone who has ever ridden a bike can see that he has never, ever, ever, ever, ever been on a bike before. A fence, yes, a bike, no.

LOL. Faye is a lot of things, including very smart so it's clear that at this point she has figured out that Teddy cannot ride a bike. She starts to say that she's embarrassed for him as he exclaims that he's about to crash. He almost does, too, as he's swerving around, unable to control the bike like a toddler would. It's delightful.

It's a relief when they finally sit down to chat and drink and now, he's at least self aware enough to have given up the ruse that he's once been on a bike before. If he has, I want pics. Prove yourself, Teddy!

So, no wheelies, huh? To be honest, for someone who has never rode a bike before, he did pretty well.

Images: ITV

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