Are Faye & AJ Friends On 'Love Island' Or Is Faye Just Laying It On Thick?

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Are Faye & AJ Friends On 'Love Island' Or Is Faye Just Laying It On Thick?

Faye Winter is turning out to be the voice of the villa on Love Island's Season 7, and that voice is loud and attention seeking. She has main character syndrome, in that she thinks everything is about her, and this is especially clear when she acts like it's a personal attack that new woman are allowed in the villa. Faye's insecurities have hit a fever pitch with the arrival of AJ Bunker in the Love Island villa and while it's definitely amusing, I'm low-key worried that Faye's head is going to start spinning... exorcist style.

AJ tells the guys that all of the girls have been welcoming and kind, especially Faye. But the sheer volume with which Faye has been speaking since AJ arrived tells a different story. Although Faye claims she isn't intimidated by her, I think Faye is terrified of AJ and is BFF-ing her so that she looks "chilled." Befriending AJ, if we are going to call it that, is also a way to cockblock Teddy. If Faye is super nice to her, AJ might think twice about pulling her man, right?

Lies all lies! 

Look how awkward she is the whole time, taunting Aaron for chatting with her.

She has not missed a thing. 

Then, she jokes about actually pushing AJ over in her heels when AJ says she's praying she doesn't fall over in her heels.

It's all fun and games...or is it?

Later, she insists that she's cool with AJ talking to Teddy.

Every time she says "ting" she gets one step closer to exploding.

Before bed, she lays it on super thick.

You just met this woman. 

In the morning, Faye even crawls into bed with AJ to wake her up and while this is common in the Love Island bedroom, these two women have barely even spoken to each other. There is no way that they are close friends or have this buddy buddy bond yet.

She pretends she doesn't know Teddy and AJ are chatting. 

Faye is a faker and the only redeemable thing about it is that Teddy and the other guys have seen it for exactly what it is — a ruse to make sure that she doesn't lose her man to the new girl. In her favor, it seems to be working.

Images: ITV

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