An Ode To Luke T. & The Breakfast Crew On 'Love Island'

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An Ode To Luke T. & The Breakfast Crew On 'Love Island'

When you watch a reality show like Love Island for long enough, you get used to how the casts change and differ from each other season to season. Part of the fun of being a fan is that each group of Islanders is unique, even if they share similarities with past groups given the format of the show. That being said, some Love Island casts are just more fun to watch and I'm going to come right out and say that Season 7 is a bit of a snooze fest. While the women seem to be gelling and have a literal personality together, the men of this season are making me miss my boys, Luke Trotman, Luke Mabbott, Finn Tapp, and the like from Season 6.

The guys on Season 7 are just not fun to watch at all, if only because so far, the most they do together is gripe about how there aren't enough petite blondes in the villa or that the women they are competing for are too "fiery." Yea, looking at you, Aaron. They just seem horny and cranky most of the time.

Meanwhile, the men of Season 6 were some of the most hilarious dudes to watch day after day. Yes, they were horny and often made bad decisions or acted shady. But the little clique they nurtured together was genuinely good TV — remember when they created an entire code language around breakfast to explain what they did in bed with the girls the night before?

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Pointing out the components of their daily fry-ups, the boys confessed their sexual advances with the chicks. Avocado meant getting oral sex, while avocad-a meant giving it. Tomatoes alluded to boobs, and toast, well, toast was going all the way. They even taught the code to new guys who came was like an initiation.

See? This is good, lighthearted fun, and it's likely just because the guys had as much chemistry with each other as they did with the women in their villa. So the vibes were just better all around last season. Season 7 needs a Luke T or even a Finn to lighten things up, because these guys are just duds so far. Whether it's savagely dumping their girl at the mere mention of new girls coming in or just repeating "leggy blonde" over and over again on a day bed, these guys need to get better at hiding how desperate they are to win a cash prize and see some....tomatoes.


And it's not their ages either. As the women on Season 7 continue to point out, a lot of the guys are younger than them, but Season 6's guys were also all between the ages of 20 and 24 years old and still managed to have mature conversation and a lot of stupid fun. Basically, I want to make Love Island fun again and the guys of Season 7 need to start bringing it. Also, I need to know who's been having toast or not!

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