Will There Be A 'Love Is Blind' Season 2 Reunion? Here's When To Tune In

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Will There Be A 'Love Is Blind' Season 2 Reunion? Here's When To Tune In

We laughed, we cried, we cringed (mostly at Sal's singing), and now we'll get to do all of that one more time with the cast of Love Is Blind Season 2 during the reunion.

Despite a rather definite end to the season with two couples marrying and three not, there's of course more story to tell. Like, did Shayne and Natalie make up? Is Shayne dating Shaina now? How hungover was Shayne at his wedding? Why didn't he have socks on? Is Natalie's dad OK, like, just in general? And those are just my questions for Shayne and Natalie.

On Friday, Feb. 25, Netflix announced that there would be a Love Is Blind Season 2 reunion. It will premiere on March 4 on Netflix, obviously. (That's a Nick Lachey reference for those that tuned into Season 1's reunion.)

Everyone will be reunited to relive the season's drama, including Shaina, who as you can see above, will be confronted by Natalie — probably for her advances on Shayne at the Chicago picnic the cast had during the season. Was it shady to do? Yes. Did she look great in athleisure and a wide-brimmed hat? Also yes.

Besides the Natalie and Shayne drama (and by all means, fans, use this next week as a time to decompress and step back to recognize all the red flags we blatantly ignored because we wanted Natalie to be happy), I'm dying to know...

  • How did Shake's reservation at Nobu go?
  • Does Deeps still have "no fucking regrets" (because she shouldn't)
  • Did Mallory and Sallory (yeah, I said it) ever reconnect?
  • Has Nick loosened up and embraced the corn on the cob costume?
  • Has he, perhaps, picked up the Guitar Hero?
  • How many tables has Danielle broken since filming?
  • Who is happily married?
  • Who is miserably married?
  • Do Iyanna and Jarrette know how much I love them?

And many more. Here's to March 4 when hopefully all these questions will be answered. Obviously.

Images: Netflix

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