Are Shaina & Kyle Still Together After 'Love Is Blind' Or Are They Doomed?

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Are Shaina & Kyle Still Together After 'Love Is Blind' Or Are They Doomed?

The new Love Is Blind couples have been chosen and after bonding in the pods and then spending some time in Mexico together, they are all seemingly on their way down the aisle. Though we all know that can change at any time, so each week we're going to look into the question of if Shaina and Kyle are still together after Love Is Blind Season 2, with a full report on their relationship — or lack thereof — when the season ends.

Of course, they won't totally give themselves away on social media or anything while the show is still airing, but we're going to look for clues on their Instagram and other social media accounts to see if they're following each other, if they're posting from the same places at the times, and who else they're friends with. We'll dig into Reddit and Deux Moi to see what people are reporting about the couples, and use clues from the show about their dynamic to make some predictions.

So check in each week to see what's going on with your fave couples and if you do have a boots on the ground tip to share about a couple, make sure to comment here and let us know. Because we want to know what you know.

Warning: This post includes spoilers for the first five episodes of Love Is Blind Season 2, as well as social media clues available. It will be updated each week with new show information.

After Week 1

What we've got from the show: This is a rough one, as Shaina seemed crestfallen when she finally saw Kyle for the first time. Sure, she seems concerned that their different views on faith isn't going to work in their favor, but I think the real issue is that she's just not feeling him at all and only leaned in towards him because Shayne, her first choice, went with Natalie.

The good news is that they do meet up after she ditches him in Mexico and they have the most awkward talk about "making it work." But Shaina looks like even talking about a future together is making her stomach hurt.

What online is telling us: They don't follow each other on Instagram and seem to live two totally different lifestyles. Shaina's personal Insta is all fashion and and party pics, while Kyle has barely posted since 2019. On her work page, though, Shaina posted pics of hair she did on June 11, 2021, and considering the filming schedule of Love Is Blind Season 2, that would have been just days after their wedding. Is it possible she jumped back into work? Yes. But... Shaina strikes me as someone who honeymoons right after the cake is cut.

So are they together?: There's a possibility they actually bond in Chicago, but for now, it doesn't seem likely. That could change though — but are we rooting for this couple... really?

After Week 2

​​What we've got from the show: After a doomed home visit in which Kyle tells Shaina’s super religious parents that he’s not sure where people go when they die other than the ground, Shaina meets up with Kyle to break it off with him. Truly, he is better off, as this would never work long term and frankly, he deserves someone who isn’t actively crushing on another Love Is Blind cast member.

After she breaks it off, Shaina dons her best cowboy hat and heads to the cast BBQ in Chicago, where she admits to telling Natalie that she has another guy for her to meet should Shayne not be the one for her. Then, she goes on a tirade, telling Shayne that him and Natalie are incompatible and will never work out. Shayne doesn’t take the bait in the moment and reassures Nat, but it has to be ringing in his ears.

What online is telling us: Shaina follows Kyle on Instagram, but he doesn’t follow her back. And who could blame him given the way she lef him on only to break it off days later. Meanwhile, Shaina and Shayne do follow each other and actively like and comment on each others’ posts. What happened here? The finale and reunion cannot come soon enough.

So are they together?: One hundred percent not.

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