Sal is a King - Hypocrites Be Damned

I have been obsessed with Love is Blind since Episode 1, Season 1 - and Season 2 has been no exception. I love debriefing and theorizing about it, and enjoy hearing everyone’s takes on the cast members and relationships.

One popular take, though, that I can’t get on board with is the reaction to Sal. To be frank, I think it is hypocritical.

My friends and the media (including a few of my beloved The Dipp podcasters) consistently complain about their male significant others or the current dating pool, and go on and on about how the men they meet are emotionally unavailable, can’t express their feelings, won’t open up, communicate poorly, don’t listen, etc.

Then, we see Sal on our screens who is emotionally available, expresses exactly how he’s feeling, and listens to Mallory. He strives to form a true partnership with her, and is constantly lifting her and their relationship up. He doesn’t pressure her to make decisions or move their relationship too quickly. He cares about and wants to hear and discuss how she’s feeling, and continuously reassures her and expresses his love to her (and yes, sometimes that is via song, which aligns with his degree in and love of music). And what is the response to him?

“Sal is so annoying. I can’t stand him. If he was my boyfriend, I would smash that guitar. He’s disgusting. He’s too emotional. He’s not my type.” All very hypocritical opinions.

Do I think Mal and Sal should have ended up together? No. But do I think Sal is not being recognized for being a stand-up, respectful, strong and steady, emotionally mature and available man? The kind of man that is often not represented in reality television and popular culture, and as a result, not in society? Yes.

The hypocrites need to put down their swords and recognize that Sal is a king and should be celebrated. Men should be encouraged to feel and express their emotions, and King Sal did just that.