Shayne and Natalie

Am I nuts for wishing that these two crazy kids could work things out?

Yes, they had a gigantic fight that was disastrous enough to stall a wedding. And, yes, Natalie is smart, poised, and wonderful and Shayne is... Shayne.

But it seemed like they actually worked well together, and, if given the opportunity to flesh out their relationship, could make it work. They both seemed just so sad during the reunion, that I have to think there's something deeper there that could be worked out.

I know this is an unpopular opinion, and maybe it's the romantic in me shielding me from reality, but... I walked away from that relationship sad, not, like, relieved they weren't together like Shake and Deepti.

Tell me I'm not alone, or tell me I need to get a reality check and change my opinion.