Shake is terrible but was right about one thing

Ok I’m still on the Shake thought train. Which I’m sure he loves. Narcissists love any attention, negative or otherwise. ANYWAY there was one thing Shake said during the reunion that was 10000% true, and they way the others denied it made me question THEIR sanity.

It was when he said that Kyle and Shaina got engaged to stay on the show. That is painfully obvious (don’t blame em!! I’d do the same!!) but The way the rest of the cast just was so disgusted and appalled by this thought made me think that they are all crazy and Shake maybe actually is the only one who is being real.

I mean, the cast REALLY hated that he said that — big eye rolls and guffaws — but please, guys!! Be honest!! It’s so clear that Shaina and Kyle had nooooo chemistry and nothing in common. Of COURSE they got engaged to stay on the show.

For this one point and this one point only, I’m team Shake.

Otherwise he can go take a long walk of a short pier.