Are Deepti & Kyle dating after Love Is Blind?

So we all saw the reunion (at least I hope you have — it's been out for 12 HOURS AT THIS POINT) where Shake makes an utter fool of himself. Seriously thank GOD our girl Deeps ran as far away from that as possible. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

One thing that shocked me more than Shake's lack of accountability was Kyle... who said at one point during the reunion that one of his biggest regrets was not proposing to Deeps. Reader, I was aghast!

I guess I had been so blinded by the car crash that was Shake and Deeps that I forgot there was anything between those two early on in the pods? But then, Shake posted a text exchange with Shayne on Instagram stories. It was timestamped Jan 15, before they filmed the reunion. And here's what it said:

Shake: I have a theory / And I'm pretty sure I'm right / I think at the reunion Kyle and deeps are gonna announce they're dating / Tell me I'm wrong

Shayne: No way Kyle would do that to you / And not say anything / Plus who cares you don't care about deeps at all like that

Shake: Oh I know / I would be happy for them / But if it did happen it would be all love from me

Shayne: Dude Kyle would give you a heads up

Shake: Ya ur right

Now... this could be a ploy for Shake to look like a good guy who just wants the best for the woman he referred to as his "family member / aunt." I wouldn't put it past him. Or it could mean that something is going on... especially if he was sending this text BEFORE the reunion filmed. I thought the comments at the reunion were especially weird — and Deeps barely said anything! As long as she's happy.