Ranking the couples' compatibility

OK, now that we've seen almost all of the episodes, I have some thoughts...

Some of these couples are trying to come off as the power couples, but they're not. At all... I'm looking at you Nick and Danielle. From least compatible to most...

SHAINA & KYLE are top of this list for least compatible. They shouldn't even be partners in cornhole together, they're that awfully paired. I'm not sure why Kyle proposed to her — was it just to keep his time on the show running? Religion is a fundamental pillar in relationships and for them to so viscerally disagree, and for him to ignore her massive concern over it is truly just insane. Terrible partnership, and although I can't stand Shaina — I'm on her side here.

DEEP & SHAKE need to not be together. First of all, I'll never forget or forgive Shake for his concert question. That says all I need to say and is such a massive 🚩— RUN SWEETIE. I don't think it's a problem they haven't been intimate — everyone needs to move at their own pace — but the chemistry between them is seriously lacking... and I wish Deeps would see that and, again, RUN. He's not ready to settle down. He's just not!

MAL & SAL aren't being honest with each other... they're both holding back in their concerns about how the other sees their relationship, and unfortunately, that's not a good foundation to set for a potential marriage. You need to be on the same page, and they just don't seem ready to have those convos. Do I blame them? No, they've known each other for like 5 weeks! But, it makes me think they're not gonna make it.

NICK & DANIELLE are definitely going to get married, but it won't last. Nick seems completely disgusted with Danielle's life / lifestyle (who cares about Guitar Hero, dude?) and I think that's gonna bite them in the butt. I also don't think Danielle really loves Nick, but more so is going through the motions of what she thinks she needs to say / do as a fiance and future wife. I think Nick's view on her being younger and possibly more immature than him is actually the most immature thing he could do. Again, they'll get married, but I don't see it ending in happily ever after.

NATALIE & SHAYNE are one couple I never would have thought would make it this far, just based on how weird and shady he was in the pods, but they do seem to be doing well in the real world. I loved the dinner with Natalie's parents, and brunch with Shayne's mom. Those felt like truly authentic moments that I loved to see between converging families. (I also loved the moms at the wedding dress shopping day! So cute!) I think these two do have a lot to work on, but that's normal when you're literally coming into this blind and speeding through a relationship. I don't know if they'll get married based on the preview, but I'd love to see them continue their relationship, since I do think it seems like they're truly FRIENDS.

IYANNA & JARRETTE are my top pick for compatibility. They're so cute together and I really do think they're gonna make it. Their families are so important to them, and I think that's a great foundation for a relationship. I'm hopeful that Iyanna can feel like the queen she is and not compare herself to Mallory or anyone else pre-engagement. She doesn't deserve it. And I hope Jarrette can get out of his party boy ways enough to make more time for Iyanna. I don't think you need to change who you are completely when you get married, but it is about compromise. Love these two and am rooting for them.

Anyway... what does everyone else think?