Are Mallory & Sal Still Together After 'Love Is Blind'? The Flags Are Red

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Are Mallory & Sal Still Together After 'Love Is Blind'? The Flags Are Red

The new Love Is Blind couples have been chosen and after bonding in the pods and then spending some time in Mexico together, they are all seemingly on their way down the aisle. Though we all know that can change at any time, so each week we're going to look into the question of if Mallory and Sal are still together after Love Is Blind Season 2, with a full report on their relationship — or lack thereof — when the season ends.

Of course, they won't totally give themselves away on social media or anything while the show is still airing, but we're going to look for clues on their Instagram and other social media accounts to see if they're following each other, if they're posting from the same places at the times, and who else they're friends with. We'll dig into Reddit and Deux Moi to see what people are reporting about the couples, and use clues from the show about their dynamic to make some predictions.

So check in each week to see what's going on with your fave couples and if you do have a boots on the ground tip to share about a couple, make sure to comment here and let us know. Because we want to know what you know.

Warning: This post includes spoilers for the first five episodes of Love Is Blind Season 2, as well as social media clues available. It will be updated each week with new show information.

Week One

What we've got from the show: Mallory and Sal seem to have a real connection, and by the time they get back to Chicago, they also seem to be settling in together nicely. However, it seems like Sal just can't shake the fact that Jarrette also proposed to Mallory and had a long, flirty conversation at the cocktail party in Mexico. Still, they are good at talking things out and maybe if he gets her the kind of ring she actually wants, it will work out.

What online is telling us: Mallory and Sal do follow each other on Instagram and unlike some of the other contestants, both posted celebratory pics about the premiere of the show. Mallory's friend even shared a story in which he called her a future celebrity, a sign that he knows her story is a successful one. Right?

Also Mallory liked a picture of Sal at a wedding as recently as December and Sal has double tapped on pictures of Mallory with her family, skipping through a sunflower field, and many other pics.

So are they together?: I think all social media signs are pointing to the fact that they are very much together going into this. Will that last? We'll find out!

Week 2

What we've got from the show: Mal and Sal seem to be one of the stronger couples at the moment. Despite their respective families being rather skeptical of the whole process, Mallory seems to really vibe with Sal and seemingly even appreciates being serenaded, which is not for everyone. Ukuleles aside, these two feel like two of the most normal people on the show.

What online is telling us: They still follow each other on Instagram and have posted clips from the show, or reposted fan videos of their special moments together, which is a sign that they at least still like each other? The fan response to them has not been great online, with both of their comments sections on Instagram loaded with people saying that Sal is too good for Mallory, but they might prove everyone wrong.

So are they together?: There’s still time for Mallory or Sal to pull out of this thing, precisely because they are pretty normal. Or maybe the fact they’re well adjusted and seemingly not on the show just for followers is why they go all the way.

Week 3

​​What we've got from the show: Mallory seemed more than ready to say yes to Sal, but alas, Sal was asked first and he said that he needed more time. I mean, why hire a mariachi band if you’re going to call the party off, bro?

Still, he handled things nicely, speaking to her friends and family, as Mallory walked like a badass all alone to give her interviews to the producers. Later, the two chat and agree to maybe try dating in Chicago, and claim that they do in fact love each other but it was all just too much.

What online is telling us: They still follow each other on Instagram and continue to post things about their relationship and learning about themselves on this journey. Sal has a sense of humor about the show, posting a joke about the producers making him serenade Mallory because he mentioned that he played the ukulele. This tells me that they don’t have any bad feelings about the series overall.

So are they together?: It would be a welcomed surprise to hear that Sal and Mal met up in Chicago since filming and the show aired and are currently dating or something. They really seemed so cute together, but somehow, my gut tells me they’ve moved on.

Images: Netflix, Instagram

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