The 'Lisey's Story' Credits Are Creepy, Nightmarish, & Important

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The 'Lisey's Story' Credits Are Creepy, Nightmarish, & Important

Apple TV+'s adaptation of Stephen King's Lisey's Story is a haunting, yet lyrical exploration of grief with plenty of King's trademark scares. But trust me when I say nothing in the show is quite as terrifying as the opening credits. Before each episode, viewers are treated to an intricate credit sequence which features wooden puppet versions of Lisey (Julianne Moore) and her late husband Scott (Clive Owen) being manipulated by an unseen hand. It's definitely nightmare fuel material, but Lisey's Story's credits also include clues that hint at the show's larger picture.

One of the first things you need to know about this particular King adaptation is the bestselling author wrote every episode himself. As a result, it feels less like a TV show, and more like a visual literary experience — which isn't a bad thing, it just means the storytelling goes all in on the magical realism elements. Lisey's Story is all about keeping the viewer feeling just a little bit off-kilter, and the mood is instantly set when you see those spooky Pinocchio stand-ins at the start of the show.

Lisey's Story expertly sets the stage for not only the show's mood in those unsettling opening moments, but it also offers up clues about what might lie ahead for Lisey as she embarks on the bool hunt left behind by Scott.

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