Worst experience you've ever had on a flight?

I'm going on vacation in a few weeks so my mind is just completely set to vacay mode. All I think about is packing, making arrangements for when I'm away and, of course, getting on the plane. I don't love flying (what weirdo actually does) and while I've never been in a terrifying life-or-death situation while in the air (phew) I have had some bad experiences.

I'd have to say the worst one was a flight to Nashville in the summer of 2019 (my own fault for going there in the summer, for real) when the air conditioning on the flight was busted and when it did kick in, it blew hot air. I don't like being hot and feeling stuffy and without cool air on A PLANE for two hours really tested me. I had to do some serious breathing exercises and just tell myself, "You'll get through this." I did. Just barely.

What about you? Was it a crying baby on a flight to Australia that drove you to your breaking point? Did the drunk guy next to you talk your ear off, even when you were trying to watch a movie? Or, did you ever experience something genuinely terrifying like turbulence or an emergency landing?