Yes, I’m Irrational - Words I Hate

Do you have words that you irrationally hate when people use them? Like it drives you insane or makes you uncomfortable, just for hearing that word or term being used?

Some of my top hated words or terms include, but are not limited to:

- Preggers or Prego - just say “pregnant”

- Hubby - just say “husband” (I literally cringe inside when someone calls my husband that lol)

- Baby Mama to signify the female parent of a child - just say “the child’s mother/mom”

- Same for Baby Daddy - just say “the child’s father/dad”

- Calling a mom friend “Mama” as a nickname - I just hate that, there’s no replacements except the friend’s name

- And such; for example, “I bought 3 shirts and such” - people use “and such” to sound more intelligent and it doesn’t work

- Blah blah blah to emphasize a continuance of an idea - just say etcetera; blah blah blah only sounds cool when Ke$ha sings it

- Using staring as a term for review; for example, “Please send me the document so I can stare at it” - just say so you can review and think about it. To stare is so overly intense.

- “I was thinking the same thing!”, with emphasis on “same thing” - just say “I agree”

- Provisions - probably the most irrational, but can’t we just say just supplies or groceries, Below Deck? I realize it’s probably proper sea terms, but I hate it

Again, I fully recognize that none of this is rational, but as Tammy Sue Judge would say, “That’s MY OPINION!!”

With all that said, I’d love to hear what words or terms bother you for no reason at all. No judgement here. And let’s be creative and dig deep and go beyond the generally accepted hatred of “moist”!