I've never flown first class and I never want to (let me explain)

Like most human beings, I hate flying. I love traveling and exploring new destinations, but the entire act of getting on a plane and then sitting that plane for many, many hours is the worst.

I always try and request the emergency exit row for the extra leg room because I need it. I'm so envious of the people sitting in first class (those seats look so much comfier) but I'm also afraid to ever sit in first class because I know if I do it once I'll never want to sit in coach again and let's be real, I'm always going to sit in coach. I'm sure it's an incredible luxury, but I'd rather pine from it from afar than experience it once and lose it forever.

Anyone else feel this way or would you jump at the chance to sit in first class on a flight, even if it was only one time?