Hired a cleaning service and feeling sort of guilty about it

My apartment has been in desperate need of a real down and dirty deep clean and to be perfectly honest, I'm too busy/wiped out most weekends to just freakin' do it already. I'm sick of looking at the place and caved and hired a local cleaning service because I know how good it will feel to walk into a truly CLEAN apartment.

I've never done this before because I never had it in my budget, nor did it even occur to me to just, hire someone else to clean my place. I have, however, hired movers and used TaskRabbit to have someone dig my car out of the snow, because eff that.

The price was around what I expected (not terrible but also, I could probably use that money for something else) but I just have guilt that I should really just do this myself. Has anyone used a cleaning service before? Is it worth it or have I doomed myself to feeling bad for the foreseeable future?